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Are you having difficulty making your mortgage payment because you have lost your job or because your employment income has been reduced? Are you looking for work but need short-term assistance to help you keep your home until you can find it? Or are you making your mortgage payments without a problem now but have arrearages due to a recent period of unemployment or underemployment? Help may be available through New Jersey HomeKeeper.

New Jersey HomeKeeper provides financial assistance to New Jersey homeowners who have a track record of making their mortgage payments
on time  but are now at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure as direct result of unemployment or underemployment. The assistance is in the form of a
0% interest rate, deferred-payment second mortgage loan. The loan proceeds may be used to cover arrearages and/or a portion of the homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment, including principal, interest and taxes. Homeowners may be eligible for up to $48,000 in assistance for a period of up to 24 months.

New Jersey HomeKeeper is funded through a federal grant from the United States Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund awarded to States most impacted by unemployment and underemployment.

Click in the "Eligibility" tab above and see if you might be eligible for the program. A link to the online application will be available there!


Be alert for scams and unnecessary and costly services offered to unsuspecting homeowners by persons and companies that are not affiliated with the NJ HomeKeeper program. Application for the NJ HomeKeeper program is FREE-OF-CHARGE. The application is designed to be simple. Free one-on-one application completion assistance is always available through the toll free help line. If you are being asked to provide private personal information to persons or companies unaffiliated with the NJ HomeKeeper program or to pay a fee related to the NJ HomeKeeper program application you are probably being taken advantage of and may be the victim of fraud.

Please be aware that the only official websites for the NJ HomeKeeper program are www.njhomekeeper.gov (general information) and www.njhomekeeper.com (application). We strongly encourage you to verify that the website you are using is the official NJ HomeKeeper application website www.njhomekeeper.com before you provide your personal information. If you are suspicious that the website or services you are using or being offered may not be affiliated with the official NJ HomeKeeper program STOP and immediately let us know by calling the NJ HomeKeeper toll free information line 1 (877) 496-4951.

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ATTENTION APPLICANTS: Please note that the NJ HomeKeeper Program has already received thousands of applications. While new applications are still being accepted, there is limited funding and it will be reserved for approved applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.